pinkfontgirl (pinkfontgirl) wrote in institches,

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should be pretty easy i reckon
oh yay...i didnt wanna ask her to do it if it was impossible (she already thinks i'm a dumbass) at least i know theres hope :P damn me and my bigger-than-skank :)
She could basically copy a tank top that fits you well for the top pattern. Just make sure that the fabric you purchase stretches a similar amount as the tank top copied.

Then the skirt is a series of squares with the center cut out for the hips based on your hip measurement. (like a poodle skirt, but square rather than round).

The edges of the skirt are sewn on a serger using a rolled hem. The front lacing is just decorative and serves no purpose as to fit or entry.

If the website sells it in your size, I say just buy it for $30.00.
It will probably cost you close to that to make it anyways.

Brian :) such a great help :) thanks :) (she might have known that, but she doesnt like me all that much as it is, so any help ahead of time is appreciated :P) i think i'd take a size larger than they sell on the site...if anything my bust is a couple inches more. *crosses fingers that it works* thank you again for the help!!!!!!!