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hi all,

i've recently decided to explore the more creative side of my personality and in light of learning i'm carrying around a little one, i'd like to develop something i can do to keep me busy while i can't move around so much comfortably and something that i can hopefully make some money out of while staying at home a lot more than i would otherwise.

i'm making all sorts of knitted/crocheted stuff for myself without really knowing any 'real' stitches. question about this to follow...

i don't have a lot of time on my hands because i'm trying to work as much as possible before the baby comes to have a nice little savings put aside and to get the debts out of the way as well. this also means i don't have a great deal of cash to spend so i do most things on a huge budget.

*q1 -> i love making little pixie beanies. with my own made up stitches which i'm not sure i could possibly explain. how does one add a stitch each row to make a knitted long triangle shape? or does it make more sense to start at the bottom and work down to the point??? not sure how to do that properly either.

*q2 -> i wear a lot of typically 'hippy' style tie dye slips. which i depend on in the coming months to be both comfortable and cool as i live in sunny queensland in australia and as the baby is due right in the midst of the sweltering summer, i'd love to be able to tie dye my slips for myself. so does anyone have any tips on how to tie dye? especially multiple colours, what kind of dye to use and possibly patterns for slips?

*q3 -> another bright idea i had for myself was to make pixie slippers for babies/toddlers. i've got soft felt for this and had a vague idea how i could go about it but was wondering if anyone else has done anything like this before and could possibly give me their hints/pattern???

and finally, funky maternity clothes that i could possibly still wear afterwards? patterns/suggestions?

:) peace to you for now, we will share again...
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