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Ren & Stimpy


I need your help/suggestions please.

(x-posted a ton of places)

Allow me to be extremely cheesy for a moment and share my idea.

My boyfriend is in the US Marine Corps and the guys he works with have affectionately nicknamed he and his best friend in the squadron "Ren & Stimpy" because of all their insane adventures together. Since its his last year in the Marines, I wanted to make him something that would make him smile and be one of those sentimental things that girlfriends give during a guy's memorable time in their life...(Cheeze cheeze cheeze I know). I knew right away I want to make him a "Ren & Stimpy" blanket! :)

The problem:

I have been searching for Ren & Stimpy fabric and I found this on Ebay -- Check It Out.

The thing is, its only 18x20 and that's far too small to make a blanket. I wanted to make a lap blanket you know? Not something to cover the entire bed, but something enough for him to curl up in when he watches movies, or is on his computer, or just whatever else. They're selling this bit of it for almost 10 bucks, and I'm passing it up because its not enough to do what I would like to do. But it was encouraging to see that there is at least still fabric out there of it. Most of it is out of print I've been told. *Whimper* This is becoming frustrating because I want to find any "Ren & Stimpy" print that I can use.

I've really got my work cut out for me with this project and it hasn't even started.

Does anybody have any suggestions or know of any fabric stores ANYWHERE that I could find ANY "Ren & Stimpy" patterns from?

[I will delete this entry come June or when I find the fabric, so please comment until then if you know of any places]
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