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She Who Is

An Introduction and a Great Big Plea for HELLLLLLP!

Hello. I'm new to this community because I finally decided to finally replace my 35-pound Penncrest with a rogue bobbin with a machine that actually works. After much research, I decided on the cutesy green Janome sewing machine that features Hello Kitty because it was the only machine that seemed to have nearly all good reviews (in my price range). And now I'm ready to get back into sewing again. I even went out and bought a couple of sewing books to brush up on my sewing skills and improve upon them. Now I'm ready to be Molly Ringwald's character in the movie "Pretty In Pink". :P

The machine works like a dream in comparison to the one I had. I tore apart some old tee-shirts to use to practice stitches with and get back into the sewing grove again. The tension was perfect, the lines were straight, my french hem was gorgeous ...

So then I cut a small piece of my real cloth to figure out the right tension so that I could get to work on a masterpiece of a curtain I have planned for my new house. The cloth is gorgeous 100% polyester netherwood cranberry that I got 14 yards of for $35 during Hancock's 50% off New Years sale. Apparently, they have the sale every year, so you need to be sure to be there next year!

But I digress ...

No matter how loose or tight I adjusted the tension, it was still wrong. The top thread kept on showing with the bobbin thread on the under side of the cloth. Lovely. Here are the things I've tried so far:
1. Adjusting the tension
2. Changing stitch length
3. Re-threading the machine.

The cloth is really thin and 100% polyester. The thread I'm using is 37% cotton and 63% polyester. The tension is fine with other cloth. Any ideas on what I can do to fix my tension problem so that my curtains don't look like crap when I make them?
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